About us.

The Company is based just to the South of Lincoln and have been property developers and building contractors since 1988.


With the arrival of the University in Lincoln, part of our activities have been to concentrate on both building up a property portfolio of town houses and flats specifically for student rental.


With our experience as building contractors, we continue to carry out our own "in house" property maintenance. As a result, we pride ourselves in dealing both quickly and efficiently with day to day problems that may occur in any of the houses under our control. If necessary, outside sub-contractors, who have a proven track record with us, are used to deal with problems that require specialist attention.


We are well experienced in the personal side of property management and believe that we continue to have an excellent working relationship with all our student tenants. We actively encourage new tenants to speak to existing tenants to allow them to establish what kind of working relationship they can expect with us, as property manager and letting agent.


We know full well that next year's tenants will only come to us as a result of their knowing that last year's tenants enjoyed the use of our properties whilst they studied in Lincoln.


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Legal notice

Name of company
JR & JM Burtt

trading as Hart Properties


Registered office
Lincoln LN5 0ND


Contact details


Tel: 07787 823273 - 01400 273643

E-mail: jamesb@hartproperties.co.uk




Regulatory authority

English Law applies

Contact us:


James - 07787 823273



Hart Properties is accredited by Lincoln University as an Approved Code of Practice Landlord. This means, amongst other things, that all gas, fire and electrical Inspection Certificates are current and are displayed within the property.

Hart Properties is rated 5 out of 5 based on 9 testimonials.

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